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Company Overview

With over twenty years of experience in the management of Worker's Compensation cases, Managed Care Consultants, Inc., provides a series of coordinated and integrated services designed specifically for companies and their Worker's Compensation administrator.

Managed Care Consultants, Inc., (MCCI) works with employers and third party administrators in the Midwest region to reduce the costs of work related injury and illness.  Using the components of the Employer Services Program, dedicated case managers provide optimum assistance to company management, supervisors, employees, and third party administrators.

Managed Care Consultants, Inc., overall strategy is to assist employers in managing Worker's Compensation cases which includes:

  • Providing Dedicated Certified Case Managers to your account.

  • Providing a field base case manager for confirmation of the diagnosis and treatment plans with the claimant's physician.

  • Act as a liaison between the employer, treating physician, employee, and claims administrator to create a unified approach to the treatment plan.

  • Use of a physician referral network to maintain objectivity and assure appropriate treatment is pursued.

  • Establishment of a return-to-work program involving possible physical therapy, work hardening, and transitional return-to-work programs.

  • Coordinating objective measurements of physical demands through functional capacity evaluations and job analyses for a full duty return to work.

  • Establish a reporting requirement that best suit the client's needs.

Managed Care Consultants, Inc.

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